So on Tuesday we got up early and Jacques took us – Robin and Judy – to the TGV station in Avignon. We had good seats in the quiet part of the train.

We arrived at cousin Barbara’s apartment and after a cup of tea, we tried to connect to the internet.  No luck so my fabulous cousin let us use her computer.

On Wednesday morning we went to Barbara’s favorite market and I must tell you that it is a wonderful market.  It is located about 20 minutes walk from her apartment.

The quality of the merchandise was great. We picked up great looking purple carrots and berries, as well as some cheese and other yummy things for dinner.

We also found some turkeys for Thanksgiving but didn’t buy one.  We had salmon instead.

The next stop was downtown for lunch at Le Souffle a very old restaurant in the 1st arrondisment.  Barb’s dear friend Catherine joined us.  Lunch was wonderful as usual.  Their souffles are so light and fluffy just don’t fall even when you have eaten 3/4 of the dish.  If you have never been – try this restaurant next time you make it to Paris.

We had tickets to see the Gertrude Stein collection at the Grande Palais at 4pm.  Loved it!

As you can see we had some overcast skies but as you can also see, Paris is beautiful anyway.

Then after Gertrude, we were off to Stephanie Heaton’s favorite store – UNIQLO which is located behind the Opera. We bought a few things – I found a nice sweater and a warm fleece shirt.

On Thursday, after a late start, Robin and I went by bus to the Musee D’Orsay to see what was new there.  This is a wonderful museum with the fabulous Impressionist Collection.

The museum use to be a train station and one of my favorite things about this museum is the clock or should I say  CLOCKS.

There are signs in the museum that say NO PHOTOS but I ignored that and took some clock pictures.

Aren’t they great? The impressionist paintings are delightful and the rooms weren’t too full of people so we could see all the paintings.

I love Paris!!