For the first time in ages, I actually left the house. There were 2 adventures; this morning I went to get my hair cut and this afternoon, Robin and I did errands.  And joy of joys, we are even going out to dinner tonight.  Yea – No Cooking.

What you see here is the main square in Maussane.  The Coiffeur  is just down the street.

I was a bit nervous by the way that Tony did my color, but it came out just fine.  And my cut is good too.

So after lunch, Robin and I took off for St. Martin de Crau.  Our first stop was the appliance store.  They are great.  They fix appliances and sell them too.  Robin and Niko’s washing machine is our old machine and it has breathed its last breath.  So she ordered a new one.  I also found out that every 6 months we should be cleaning out our machines and running them on hot water cycle to kill any bacteria.

Then we went to pick up our yellow recycling bags and – “what are yellow recycling bags for?” you ask.  When you want to recycle plastics and paper, you don’t get reusable  bins, you get non- reusable  yellow bags.  I think you can put your bottles in them too. We hope that these bags don’t go into the regular garbage.

Next stop was to the Olive Press to pick up our last batch of oil and pay the press account.

This dear lady is the owner’s wife.  She does the accounting.  They also have a carpentry business that is probably more profitable than this year’s olive business.  Any guesses on how much oil we brought home?  Oh come on, guess!  Well it was 9 liters.  That means we have 23 liters for 2011.

Next stop was the wine store and then the winery, Mas de la Dame.  We bought and unknown chardonnay and a rose.  They both won metals so we decided to take a chance especially since they cost under 7 euros.

And finally, we all went out to dinner.  It was excellent.  We all took the 20 euro menu.  I had 3 different kinds of soup, as did Robin and Jacques. Niko had smoked salmon.

My second course and Robin had the same thing, was a really nicely prepared  white fish on a mushroom risotto.  I think there were morel mushrooms in the rice.  Niko and Jacques had the veal dish and then we all had the molten chocolate cake with a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Today was a much better day than yesterday when I all I did was laundry.