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We finished the olive picking today.  Our total for today, and this was just the lower field was 71 kgs.  Our total for this season is 180 kgs.  Last year we had more than 1000 kgs.  Oil will be scarce.

We picked up the first oil that was pressed and only got 14 liters. Jacques’ friend Jean Pierre arrived last night from the Northern part of France to help with picking.  He brought us some wonderful cheese and now can do other things since we are finished.

Not very many trees had this many olives.




This is the netting that we use to pick olives when the tree has lots.





Robin and Jean Pierre in the lower field.

By 4 pm we were ready to bring the olives to the press.  They were happy to tell us that we have lousy olives but then so does everyone else.

This is what we got from the first press.  Each bottle is 3 liters.

We will be back at the end of the week to pick up the last oil.

Now we are going home.  Plans for dinner include Robin cooking – this will mean a fabulous dinner of chicken and dumplings.

Thank you Robin